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NEODBUG Quarterly virtual meeting registration form

NEODBUG Quarterly meeting
THURSDAY, May 6th 2021 10:00am - 2:00pm


This virtual seminar will be held via Adobe Connect and will be free of charge.  As such we are not limiting our audience to current user group members.  Invite a friend or coworker who may not have had the chance to attend in person in the past and let them experience what NEODBUG/CODUG/MDUG are all about!  Please register by clicking the REGISTER HERE  link and filling out your registration information.  Once registered you will receive an email response with your link to the event.


On behalf of NEODBUG we sincerely hope everyone is staying safe and healthy we look forward to hearing from you in May!


Please be sure to mark your calendar.




You can register yourself by clicking the Registration Link and filling out your information. Once registered, you will receive an email with your link to the Adobe Connect meeting. Registration will be open until end of day on Wednesday, May 5th


Upon connecting to the meeting, if not automatically set for you, we ask that you mute your microphone for the
majority of the session to avoid background noise that can overpower the Speakers voices.  Questions can be entered via the chat feature throughout the seminar and the speakers will stop at designated times to respond.
At the end of the three sessions, there will be a group Q & A facilitated by Bill Moran of BMC where open discussion can be held verbally on a variety of topics.

Presentation Handouts:
Seminar presentations will be made be available in soft copy format prior to the seminar and will be posted on the NEODBUG web site at NEODBUG.ORG   in the 
“Presentation Archive” section as they are received by the NEODBUG Board.  Please check the web site for the presentations prior to the seminar.

At the end of the Seminar, please be sure to provide your candid responses in the Survey so we can better understand what content has  provided value, what may provide value in the future along with your thoughts about the forum or venue through which it is delivered.  

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